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Voice and Data Cabling Services in Las Vegas, NV

As technology increases, the need for precise and efficient data cabling increases. Vegas Pro Electric provides voice and data cabling services throughout Las Vegas, NV. We strive to bring you voice and data cabling so that you can best serve your customers.

Discover Our Voice and Data Cabling Services

We know voice and data cabling inside and out and work to bring you the benefits of our full knowledge and experience. We provide a wide range of services.


Our services begin with proper planning. We can begin with planning whether you are involved in new construction or are remodeling your property to accommodate different technology. Our team helps simplify voice and data cabling with ideal planning.


We work with you throughout the construction process so that you can incorporate voice and data cabling thoroughly into your property. Our services are informed by our vast experience with electrical wiring and we use that understanding to provide clear insight for how cabling fits into your construction.


Once the planning and construction is complete, we provide data cabling installation. Our professionals ensure that all the cables are precisely installed so that you can count on us to provide the right cabling for you to use all your technology quickly and efficiently.

Maintenance and Repair

We also provide maintenance and repair for voice and data cabling. We care for the cables to ensure that everything stays in peak condition and requires minimal replacement.

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With our more than 17 years of experience, Vegas Pro Electric services all of Clark County. We are driven by a deep passion for electrical work and value our connection to the community. Our efforts help build Las Vegas, NV, and we are honored to play a part in the growth of the city.

Schedule data cabling installation for your Las Vegas, NV, property with Vegas Pro Electric. Call 702-778-6018 today.